Gunshot City (originally known as Crimelife 4) is an open world/action game developed entirely by one person. Programming and almost all of it's graphics and character animations are all handmade.
The game is developed with Unity3D engine, it's made with the performance on mobile devices first but it's also planned for pc.
It's a big project and it takes time but with your help it can turn out to something really great.
This blog is made to see it's development progress through time. Feel free to comment in the posts bellow with your suggestions and ideas.

October 21, 2016

Current game progress

It's been a long time since my last update on news about the game's development progress, many people have asked me if I'm still working on it and there have been several rumors that the game may have been canceled. The truth is that the game is still in development but right now my free time is very limited because I'm working on other games and projects for mobile, in collaboration with an indie games studio from Greece I also work on a rally game. I also work on a mobile port of "Guns and Spurs", updates about this you can find on my Twitter page.
As you understand Crimelife 4 is a one-man's work and it takes a lot of time so I will give you updates when I have something important first.

Current game progress:
- It's still in alpha state, that's for sure.
- The main map is about 60% complete.
- Many bugs have been fixed but some of them are still there and many others may show up later.
- The main character model is not final.
- Story progress is at 0%. That's a bad thing... But many ideas are written on paper.
- Car physics are good enough even on mobile they work just  great, you can even refill your fuel tank at petrol stations.
- Traffic system and AI is not perfect and it needs a lot of work.
- There is a wanted level system with cops and some basic AI. Needs more work.
- Most of the code is written in JavaScript which is a bad thing for me. It will be best if I rewrite the code in C# for many reasons.

With all the above in mind you can guess why it takes so long.
I want your thoughts/ideas about all the above and maybe how would you like to keep you updated.


  1. How nice! You Will Launch Trailer Some This Year?

    (Written in translator: Original Language Portuguese)


    1. And You Have A Draft of History To Post Here? If you can, please post!

    2. You Publish the android version in Google Play Store Or Gamejolt?

  2. Nice city though! Hopefully this game goes well. Once it's done, I'll record a gameplay video of it on YouTube!

  3. So good reading this. Long ago I toughted myself this would have been cancelled.
    After playing Crimelife II and III, I know: this game will be awesome.

  4. Nice! You're actually building up a bit of hype. Nice work. Though would you mind also Guns and Spurs Remastered to PC?

  5. Just take all my money, I need that game to look better.

  6. Not to be rude but. LOW POLY MODELS SUCK ITS 2016 NOT 1995 ITS 2016 YOU CAN'T MAKE GAMES WITH LOW POLY MODELS NO ONE WILL PLAY THEM I'm sorry I am just trying to help development but yes people can't stand low poly models if its open world don't use low poly models it freaking sucks Just don't just don't you will thank me later but people will make fun of the game you had year for development and you trashed it look at GTA look at just cause 3 and 2 look at any open world game even GTA San Andreas has better graphics than this so yea don't its not cool AT ALL...

    1. At least he is trying,Gta san andreas is a renderware game and this is made with unity 3d.

  7. crime life 4 article wiki

  8. Would you publish the alpha version of the game please? :(

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