Gunshot City (originally known as Crimelife 4) is an open world/action game developed entirely by one person. Programming and almost all of it's graphics and character animations are all handmade.
The game is developed with Unity3D engine, it's made with the performance on mobile devices first but it's also planned for pc.
It's a big project and it takes time but with your help it can turn out to something really great.
This blog is made to see it's development progress through time. Feel free to comment in the posts bellow with your suggestions and ideas.

November 22, 2015

Gameplay Screenshots from the early alpha version

Here are some gameplay screenshots from Crimelife 4.
Remember everything is from early alpha version of the game. There is still a lot of work needed to be done. A lot of what you see may change.
Every part of the map is carefully designed and modeled so I can get high fps and runs smooth on mobile devices.



  1. It's developed for both mobile and pc.
    Multiplayer is in the plans however there is still a lot to do first.

  2. Hei bro can you update a new post? Greetings from Italy

  3. Hei bro can you update a new post? Greetings from Italy

  4. Hei can you post a new post or you are slepping???? Dai cazzo è da novembre che non posti nulla santo dio

  5. hei can you answers our question porco zio

  6. @Genti Dallaku Sorry for the delay. The game is still in development but it takes time. No updates at the moment. I'm also working on two other projects so my time is limited these days.

  7. Why are you guys asking for a release? He said it's an EARLY ALPHA, my god.

  8. @Sakis25 thank you for reply! Good luck

  9. Is it for I phone and iPad @Sakis25

  10. Please download link for alpha version :D

  11. Can i help you? I see tutorials in Unity 3D

  12. U create this game use game maker right ? How to send the game to Android ? My game just platform to pc :"v

  13. U create this game use game maker right ? How to send the game to Android ? My game just platform to pc :"v

  14. i cant wait for ragdoll physics

  15. please if can port this to windows phone im grateful

  16. some suggestions for crime life 4

    Ability to jump and crouch
    weapon reloading
    support for user made mods eg user made huds
    stunts with vehicles i think this is possible using unity 3d
    car costumization
    vigilante side mission
    swim underwater (if possible)
    a jetpack cheat or secret
    gangs that can be rival or friendly depending on the respect like gta 2 or you can make a rival and a friendly gang
    ability to go on top of buildings
    and if possible a offline and online multiplayer

    Wish you luck keep up your work.

    1. Secret is already available in Crimelife 3, you can found some easterr egg in Crimelfie 3 like halloween easter egg and christmas easter egg

    2. Halo pak timotius joso,saya juga dari indonesia,saya tahu anda dari situs jos988 .blogspot tentang game open world dan dari sana saya tahu crimelife 2&3 ,jadi mohon nanti kalau cl4 sudah dirilis mohon blognya anda update...

  17. Hey Sakis , This is really awesome .... Can I know how much fps is that now ? I think u kept realtime shadows ..... It must reduce the fps right ?

  18. Crime life 4 is using unity 3d not game maker

  19. This game will be AWESOME im Waiting for this game

  20. ideas for crimelife 4

    -more cars and
    -fight and give punch
    -more stores
    -diferent radios in the cars
    -airplanes and boats
    -police helicopter
    -animals and fishes


  21. Bom trabalho

    vc podia colocar aviao no crime life 4 ia ser massa tipo gta sa

  22. crime life wiki

  23. add a watchable tv in the game so u can watch online tv

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